Friday, May 16, 2008

ONE is the lonliest number...

Back to Back Columbo they'll call me I reckon. Back to back 1 point finishes in the BBT3. ONE freaking point. Last night was O8BLimit, one of my better games until the blinds take over. As true to form, when the blinds were reaonable, I was at one point FIRST in chips. When the blinds get HIGH, I found myself in some tough spots. And not just the classic AA234xx, where x=Fuck-Brick! but some really genuine tough spots.

You have Kh8hAd3c and the flop is Th9h3d. Someone bets out. You are NOT going to hit low, you could hit high but would it be the best? and with the level so high, calling is 10% of your stack here.

Here is another classic. 5678 in the BB and the flop is 578 rainbow. Can you really call a bet here? You already LOST low, and you're not exactly a favorite on high also.

Letting these go got me to 25th, where are following them down would have had me out sooner. But again, with the blinds so high, I feel my play was taken away. I thought I was playing well and I consider O8B-limit to be my second best game after NLHE. (due to the heavy math involved I think).

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