Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The silver lining...

I am back to playing well. How can I tell? I have TWO bad beats from last nights two tournaments. BOTH time I caught a set running into a MADE flush or straight, and the board pairing the river. So be it. But in some great early play, I got away from a couple of good hands that would have sent me home vs. a set.

Here is a great hand to follow:

I get A3 in the BB and call a 2x BB range from MP as did the SB.

Flop 245 with 2 hearts. Against 3 opponents, cant play this slow. SB bets out!
I raise. Pot.
Now the MP shoves all-in! What could he have?
and the SB CALLS!!! What could HE have?
I cant fold here, I have to be ahead, right?!

SB has Presto for top SET. He is expecting AK (TPTK) vs. Aces-up.
MP has a BETTER hand then me! He has A3 (flopped straight) with hearts for the nut flush redraw. I am hoping for a split of the sets money.
But the turn and river come A...A...

In the other hand, I call a min-raise from the blind with Jh8h with 17 players left. Its the big stack and I am second, but I MUST defend the BB at lesat to the flop against 2x.

The flop is 832 with 2 hearts. I have top pair and the flush redraw. I bet 1/2 pot and get a min-re-reaise. I HAVE TO CALL HERE EVEN THOUGH I KNOW SUSPECT ACES.
The turn is the Ace of hearts and I have a flush! (I think he now has a set!)
All the money gets in and the river pairs. I dont know about you, but I think the big stack got very lucky playing with fire.

Despite punching my laptop monitor, I was most happy with the results. I escaped when I was behind and got my money in good. Everytime. I needed that a week before my event.

In other news, I have to miss the Mookie tonight for a "function". I play on "twittering" from Vegas, feel free to "follow me". ID "ltcolumbo".

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