Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I leanred a new game last night!

Here's what we did. We each went down to the busiest street nearby. (We chose the famous 8 mile.) Now, each player ties a blindfold over their eyes and the players shut their mouths and listen. When they think there is no traffic coming, they run across the street. When everyone gets to the other side (or doesn't), you repeat until there is one "runner" left. I came in 13th with only a bruised sternum. What did we call this game?

Omaha H/L No Limit.

I think Omaha Limit and O8B limit are two of my better games. It's where good Houdini skills can take you deep. But with Omaha no limit you need to "run like Astin" to win.
Too bad I run like "Fuel".

Even in the bodonkey last night, my exit was accompanied by a chat window "sorry" from the Ace-Rag army. I even flopped two pair, but as Drizz knows, sometimes the Ace-Rag army will not be denied.

Still, like a fool returns to his folly, I will see you all tonight at the Mookie.


Anonymous said...

NLO8 is a bit of a crazy game. You wait for a hand that might be good, stop thinking and fire. A few months ago I had a decent run in NLO8 SnG, which made my doubt my sanity :)

peter133 said...
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