Thursday, May 08, 2008

You're missing the point

Please read the Astin hand again. If you have to, imagine the tight table and sit down with some chips (like only $1000).

Now, listen carefully. The mistakes are on the turn and the river, not the pre-flop and flop. Did you hear that everyone?!

"so columbo, your defending the min-raise and the check".


1. What is the PURPOSE of the RAISE?
2. Do I want ZERO callers with AA? (are you kidding me?)
3. Does it really look like I am behind on the flop?
4. What level are we in?

I played the turn and river poorly. Ok, that is an understatement. A big one. That river call is unconscionable. hee-freakin-haw there.


lucko said...

I have grown to love this blog.

pokerpeaker said...

And what I"M saying is, well, are a better player than me. But still what I'M saying is mistakes on the flop is what leads to bigger mistakes on the river. And you made a mistake on the flop. I'm saying if you min-raise pre-flop, you better damn well bet the flop with that kind of a board.

I totally understand what you were saying. I still say it was played wrong. But that's what is great about poker.

Astin said...

Personally, I think you played the hand perfectly. I may be a touch biased though in this instance.