Friday, May 02, 2008

Freaky Dream Flashback

Surreal. I had that dream where you are late for class and you haven't been there all year because you didn't even know you had the class. And maybe there is a final today? and yada-yada? Well, I had that dream only it was the WSOP. and I missed my event, and all of Las Vegas actually looked like an indoor mall. You know, like the one if Return of the Living Dead.

So what does all this mean? Who cares. But it is interesting that although I haven't spent a minute on thinking about it when Im awake, my subconsciouos is tell me... You are not practicing enough.

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Mike Maloney said...

Weird, I didn't realize that class dream was common. I get that sometimes, it's a class that I keep telling myself to go to, but then I would forget that I had it, then remember that I forgot a test, and have no idea how I was going to pass the class.