Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Back in the Saddle

Finished about 100th in the 27k yesterday. Why is that so great? because with 125 left, I suffered back-2-back suckouts to end my run. I played very, very good, logging only 1 unforced error and even that was debatable whether I or not I simply got trapped.

I am hyperaware of my presence in the field now, a feeling I call my "presence factor". I measure my potential impact on the field starting when half the field is eliminated. I use this feeling to determine when to change gears and become temporarily hyperaggressive.

I also have a new axiom for all you Harrington Bots out there. If you really love the Harrington system, simply use the NEXT level of blinds to determine your M. Call it M+1. As for the Q factor, you are much better off understanding your distance from the final table than your rating in comparison to average chip stack. Just my thoughts.

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