Friday, February 06, 2009

Razinfrating double drat

For the first time in a long time, I lost a buy in at a mixed game table. I lost 25% on a Limit hold'em river suckout, and the 75% on a NLHE huge suckout when a guy could not escape TPTK and gets rewarded.

I have noticed something intriguing: If I were to skip the HE games in 8 mixed, my profits would increase by 20%.

Such an interesting stat. I am not a good stud player, because I will often allow a heads-up player to push me off a hand when I have nothing without much of a fight. But that aside, I play mixed games pretty well. Not even PLO is killing me, just the hold'em rounds. And its not on play, its on variance.

My mind is spinning. Why do I try to master HE, when there seems to be less variance in mastering other games? I continue to be a good triple-draw player and I am contemplating this one...

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