Thursday, February 26, 2009

Long-Ball Kick da Bucket

Last night was the league finale. I started off with the great tournament curse, but wired pairs in level 1. At one point, I had BACK TO BACK QQ. Not one hand saw a flop. I lost a big hand when I tried to push a weak Ace off a hand, and he called. So I played short stack poker for the rest of the evening, and at one point dug out of a hole with a meager 800 chips. Finishing (folding my way) to 5th was good enough to finish in the last money slot for the season (5th).

I have played tournaments with TAG players, we all have. But I find this league really intriguing because they are ALL long-ball players. I dont see elaborate bluffs, FPS, or positional re-steals. Although I do see some EP stealing short handed. But re-stealing is very challenging because so many times the stealer has something decent and calls. And its hard to push players off hands without a big commitment, something that set me back huge in the early weeks of the series. Because of this, I was actually pleased cashing at all considering I never took down a week. (two 2nds, 3rd, 4th, two 5ths and 6th with 18 or so players).

I can do better.

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carbide said...

Good luck in the next series. Maybe some of your blogger friends will want to play. email me @ for details. Starts Tuesday 3/3 @ 9 PM