Monday, February 02, 2009

more on mixed games

There are two types of players at the 8-ball mixed games tables. Those who play hold'em and are bored enough to 'entertain themselves' by playing other games and players who know most of the games. I have yet to see a single opponent who could play all the games competently. Now, some of that has to do with the lower levels I am playing so I intend to test the waters higher up. But the Razz and Triple Draw play is atrocious. (Which is awesome, but mind boggling).

Friday I was up 2 buy-ins before giving it all back in the No Limit rounds. Shame on me, but after looking through the hands, I dont feel I played them poorly. Might just be variance. Or it could be me getting sloppy in the no limit games because of the good showing in the limit games. I need to watch that.

I had some interesting thoughts on PLO recently and am fishing for additional opinions. Limit Omaha still tends to be a math game for me, but PLO is like taming a wild tiger. Eventually you are going to get mauled. But here are some of my thoughts on this unwieldy game.

First of all, I play much differently at a 6 table than at a full table. At a full table, I will typically dump most hands with a dangler card. But at a 6 top, I tend to play a bigger range of hands, especially in late position and especially if there are no "POT betters" pre-flop. Post flop, I tend to stick to Freddy Deeb's axiom that "Omaha decisions are made on the flop". In Hold'em, you can often "float" a flop bet and then make a real decision on the turn. I never do this in PLO. I am deciding on that flop if I am willing to see the river. Otherwise, because of the vastly escalating pot size, I am burning money. If I have a good wrap, or a nut draw, or a set these decisions are easier. If I have a made hand with a redraw, again, I need to bet to thin against my redraws being second best. But unless I have 2 pair, I am either betting or check-folding. When my hand looks good, I want to increase the pot size even at the risk of a re-raise. If my hand is weak, I dont want to put any more money in the pot. The only exception I currently have is 2 pair. Here is one of the rare places that I tend to check-call. If the board is not 3 of a suit and cant yet make a straight, I will call a bet in limit. But in PLO, its much more difficult. I additionally want to be in position and I still want the pot size to be sane. And if its not, I have to dump my 4 outer because I cant expect to steal the hand away when a blank comes on the turn like you often can in hold'em.

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Drizztdj said...

Six handed PLO you need to play more three card hands and take flyers in the blinds heads-up thanks to the pot odds being offered to call.

Also, figuring out who will dump a straight/flush when the board pairs is a great way to make money on those tables and tilt them.

"Sorry my two pair got there!"