Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thursday Night HA!!!

So the best laid plans... Well, BBT4 was announced and "Riverchasers" moved from Thursday's to Monday. I never miss a BBT event, so I moved HA to Thursdays.

Please join me starting in March and help me get the word out. Its a cheap $10 buy in and I hope to get some regulars. Thursday night HA!

STARTING MARCH 5th... Tournament #81295191 (03/02/09 21:00 ET)
pw: cigar

Hope to see you there!

There are more Omaha donkeys out there than Hold'em, so consider this an investment in Omaha and Post flop Hold'em play.


HighStakes_BS said...

Hey Columbo...I'm back in the game and will be participating in BBT4. I have been a follower since the Ante Up days and continue to enjoy your work.

Also, I have a new blog and linked to yours. It's not all about poker, but hey, I'm not that good anyway!

Brock (wippy1313 at the tables) (and no, not highstakes due to level of play…long story)

PokahDave said...

Do you have Mookie working on a banner yet?