Monday, February 16, 2009

Taking a Pounding

It's time to admit defeat? After a week of 8-mixed, I was DOWN 3 buy-ins. That is a first and it cant be just variance. No, that kind of run tells me I am leaking. As I look through the stats and hands, its the NL/PL games that are killing me, but it also seems to drag down my other games. After losing a big PL/NL hand, my limit play goes into the drink. And despite putting up the best numbers in RAZZ and triple-draw, I have noticed that my losing sessions are showing that I've had to fold alot of hands in these rounds and thus don't generate the normal windfall profits where I am used to getting them. Conclusion? My omaha play and stud play is suspect. Sigh. I guess this means that I will be practicing 8-mixed at the lower levels for a while...

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