Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Utility, the WSOPE and the 27k

I have been watching the coverage of the WSOP-E on ESPN and our old pal Scott Fischman made the final table. Scott is the KING of chip utility, playing extremely aggressive and taking volatility to gain the necessary utility he needs to play his style, which invariably involves firing 3 barrels.

So in the 27k yesterday, I decide I am going for utility instead of a standard long-ball approach. Here are my 4 hands:

My first is where AQ doubles up against AJ (all-in with AJ?) $5k in chips
lots of folding TERRIBLE hands and now the avg is $4500
Then my second AQ runs into KK and I am back at $2500
Three hands later, I double up with 88 vs. AK (now back at 5k)
Shortly there after this happens:
I raise utg with AK and two stacks go all-in (one has me covered).

This is similar to my big vegas charity tournament, only if I am playing long-ball here, its an easy laydown. But with my "Fischman" slant, I call and see QQ and 44.

Now, lets check in with the ancient oracle (skalansky). If I KNEW (could see their cards) they had those hands, was this a good call?


pokerpeaker said...

I think so. It's a much better situation than if one had a weak Ace and the other had a pair. All of your outs are live for pairs and they only have two-outers to help them. Yet you have a chance to triple up.

Cory Albertson said...

Hey man,

I like your blog. If you get a chance, I'd like to send you the details of a small deal I have in mind for you. You can just shoot me a blank email to cory AT pokertips DOT org and I'll respond with what I have in mind.

Thanks and all the best,


lj said...

the 27k is a $26 tournament? you gotta win flips to win tournaments.

Anonymous said...

A coin flip for a triple up sounds pretty awesome to me.