Thursday, October 25, 2007

1 for 3, but tearing my hair out.

Mookie (event 3 of 27) and there are 117 players. More tables than I like in a tournament, but I leap in.

50 left, I am just about average.

Then, I catch AQ with an AK, I bluff Waffles off a hand with HAMMER, I catch KQ with my AQ and I played a pocket pair of queens vs. someone who just over played AJ and suddenly...

36 left, I am FIRST in chips, and have a 10k lead over 3rd place.

24 left, I am about 3rd or 2nd in chips.

Between 24 and 18 (payouts begin at 18), I went totally card dead. And when I did try to make a play, mdeium stacks who I expected to play tight would just push. It was a painful run of not even being able to defend blinds with 43, T2, etc vs. 4xBB pre-flops. I also got into trouble with a hammer hand.

I had about 8 hammers, played 7 of them, and won 4 of them (3 pre-flop).

We reach the money and I am now AVERAGE with like 22k. UGH. But it gets worse. The blinds are now 1k/2k with antes. So a majority of the players have an M of less than 10.

I lose (release) a hand and fold my blinds and now I have 16k.
Its folded around to me on the button and I have Ac3c. The blinds are now 1.5k/3k. So what is the point of raising to 9k (3xBB) and being pot committed anyways? So, I push (knowing that whenever I do this, the BB wakes up with AK). This time, the SB goes into the tank and finally calls with QQ. IGHN 15th.

I did cash though, gathered points, and even took third in the Dookie RAZZ without memorizing a single folded card (and really barely paying attention at all). Razz is fun, but you need to practice it. You can't just "play" razz.

so, I have points. Big deal. The TOC is the goal, and anything short of a victory in an given event is going to be dissapointing.

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columbo (at eifco dot org) said...

I am 38th after 3 events.