Wednesday, October 03, 2007


I am being punished by the poker deities...

First, I am playing excellent poker in the Hoy, when a 5 outer knocks me out instead of putting me in second.

Then, I play a $50 4 table MTT in Eugene OR (Oregon has VERY interesting poker laws) and these players were not great. They played way too many hands and called far too loosely. A beginner at the table, would get paid off every time she hit a flop. Every time. Me? In 2.5 hours, I had ATo and 33. That was it. finally with 12 left I saw 99 and shoved. got 2 callers with A9 and then AT called the A9. Gez. It held up and I made the final table, but quickly went out when my best ATs hand ran into both AQ and AK 8 handed. OMG.

"Make some plays" you say? Other than hitting middle pair in level 1, I did not hit a single flop all night. I know many people SAY that and are exaggerating. I am not. I missed 8 levels of flops. Not so much as a draw or bottom pair. I had never seen anything like it.

So, time to burn a effigy of a wicker man or something, or I will just have to start hitting myself in the head.

So apparently, in Oregon, you can form a poker-club. So a couple of hole in the strip-mall clubs opened around the OU campus. They charge a monthly (or daily) membership fee, and are allowed to run tournaments and 1-2 NL. $4/day membership, $4/hr for the seat at the table. Or in my case, $5 tournament fee with daily fee included, $45 into the prize pool. 34 players, first was $700. I was 8th I think for zed. But when I travel to Oregon, I can play cards, so its not all bad.

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