Sunday, October 14, 2007

PS Blogger freeroll

What an incredibly boring tournament write up this will be, despite finishing 142nd out of over 1300. No big amazing hands. I did turn quads once early and played it for value, but really lots of stealing, getting the most out of middle pairs and finally with the blinds killing us, had to play for it all with 99. Got called by AK and lost the race... badly.

No real big decisions, no amazing plays. I did make a continuation bet with AK once and got popped. I thought about the re-steal, but since pre-flop stealing was going so well, I let it go.

When ever I hit a flop hard, I got usually just the minimal value out of it. Set on a flush board, set with no callers, etc. My opponents just never had anything. I made one big move, when with the Ac, I represented a flush on a 3 club flop by using a check-raise. Not really the stuff you show on tv, eh?

Best hand all night, JJ (twice) and TT(3 times). Only a couple of AK hands in there somewhere. But I had a good run of usable hands, AJ, KJ, 55, etc.

In these big freerolls, I like to hang around average, trying to get one of those amazing hands where someone pushes you their stack with the second best hand. Never happened. And without that, you just cant win these big field events. When I went out, for example, the chip leader had $250k and the average was $80k. (I had around 80k, lost two hands in a row taking me to 50k and going out on the 99 race).


gadzooks64 said...

It is most frustrating to watch your friends get handed chips by the less "talented" players early on while you have to struggle to build a stack.

I went out 480ish but I was ready to go. It didn't help that I had a family matter to deal with during it as well.

Oh well, I have high hopes for next year.

BTW, Khan settled for an iPod - hers bit the dust recently. She was in great shape but threw herself on the sword just before the Xbox prize. Gotta lover her!

Rake Feeder said...

At least you didnt run A7s into 42o and get rivered by a 2 high four flush like I did.