Wednesday, October 24, 2007

starting 0 for 2

Now, there are 27 events in the BBT2, but I have started out 0 for 2. Why, I wonder?

If we are to believe the posts in the community for the last couple of days, its simple. I play too many hands. This might be true. It certainly has been my achillies heal when I reach the final 3 of a table. But as a matter of rote?

Hmmm, I spend some time thinking through my hands recently, and as I see where I lost the most chips, it was betting the flop or the turn with nothing, and having to fold to someone playing back at me, or betting on the river. Its not that I PLAY too many hands, but that I CONTINUE to play the hand.

At least that is my theory going into #3 tonight in the Mookie.


Rod said...

Not sure of the game you are playing (SNG?) but if the payout is top 3 the only bad thing you can do is NOT push all in when you play and calling others bets.

Seriously - never ever call a bet unless you are pushing!! Make THEM make the decision!

SirFWALGMan said...

Maybe cause you Jam 27o and AQo too much to raises? hmm? heh.. good game man..

Schaubs said...

I feel the exact same way.