Sunday, October 07, 2007

Ride on the Rollercoaster

The biggest swings I have EVER experienced were last night.

Pocket Aces in level 1, flopped QUAD ACES. And I got the other guy to bet all 3 streets. I never showed after I popped him on the river.

I am playing very well and have moved my 5k to about 12k. Then, with AA, the flop if J99 and catch a guy overplaying TPTK. He moves all in and I call and double... OOOOFFF. Two outer. I am CRIPPLED.

I spend the next HOUR grinding out little steals and small pots. I manage to get up to about 8.5k and it folds around to the Button, who makes it 2500 to go. The SB folds and I look at AQ. I have not been defending my blinds enough tonight, and the button can do this with many hands behind AQ. I move all in. After a short delay, the button says "I have to call" and turns over KK. An ace on the flop and the button goes balistic about being sucked out on and what I bad play I made and that I "know he only plays premium cards". But I dont see how I am supposed to be scared of a button raise with AQ in the BB. So now I am back right?

We push chips around the final table, but the blinds are high and we dont see alot of flops. But this hand, the cut off min-raises, the button calls and I call from the BB with J9s. The flop is J92 and I am finally going to return to the chip leader position. The cut off moves all in! The button CALLS. So, I stop the action and ask for the chips to be pulled in and the side pot made, because I want the Button to call when I move in. I want her to know she is committed. So, I move all in and she calls. The cut-off had a top pair (KJ), the button had J2 two pair, and I had top two with Jacks and 9s. The King comes on the river (again, the 3 outer) and again I lose a big hand. But I am not broke, because of the side pot.

Next I get my AQ in against AK and win?! So, I have chips again, but the blinds are high. There are 8 left and I need to be aggressive to win. I am playing to win, not to cash. I still need chips, despite being just above avg.

Now, I make a FATAL mistake. I telegraph my hand. The Utg raises to 3x and I look down at TT in the BB. I call time and its obvious I am making a decision to call or raise. I call, the flop comes 9 high and I move all in. Because he puts me on a middle pair, he calls with JJ. That tell cost me alot of money and hopefully taught me a lesson.

I then raised in EP with 33 (dangerour) and only the button calls. The flop was 662. I move all in and he calls with QQ. Ugh, decked in the face. I am out 8th. When there were 9 left, I had an above average stack size for a brief time. That was tough to take.

What a roller-coaster ride.


Scott Smith said...

You went runner runer Hearts Ray, no ace on the flop.

Wolverine Fan said...

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columbo (at eifco dot org) said...

I know. What I originally meant to write was that the Ace won the pot. It won on a 1 card flush vs. flopping the ace, but all that is built into the odds.

The argument was that moving in with AQ was a mistake because .... but there was no way that moving in with AQ there was wrong and I did not deserve the anger directed at that move.