Tuesday, November 06, 2007

A connundrum

your playing 6 handed max NL. You have successfully gotten to a level where only 25% of the players (about 19) are left. You are average in chips stack, which puts you about 9th. Stealing is becoming rediculously common.

You have just gotten dealt TT three times in a row. Raised once, limped once, stop N go once. And you win all 3 hands.

One rotation later, you have TT again. You call a MP raiser with them. You are heads-up now. Flop is Q96. Now, he is first to act, and bets out 3/4 of the pot. because the blinds are getting up there and we are in the second level of antes, every pot is worth contesting. It seems obvious that you must raise after he bets out. But here is the dilema.

If you raise, the pot is almost big enough that you cant fold. I make the re-raise and he moves in. There are only 2 or 3 hands I think beat me here. (I dismiss AA, KK for now.) AQ, KQ and QJ (he bets QJ because of the draw, but still reasonable holding for a steal try).

I dont see how, in a tournament that is front loaded to first place, how you fold here and fall way below average in chips, in a 6 handed game.



TripJax said...

"You can a MP raiser with them."

I'm gonna assume you meant call...

There's a lot of info I feel like I still need to be sure, but I'm guessing I stuff my chips in the middle there.

On the other hand - and again, would rather have more info first - but I probably stuff my chips in the middle there pre-flop instead of just call. It's 6max so TT is pretty damn good that late in the game and it really looks more like you are trying to steal the pot right there. Even still, you get numerous hands to fold that you might want a fold with, but are still even money(ish) to take a huge pote down if you are called with two overs. Sure you might have walked into a monster, but that's the way the cookie crumbles (unless you suckout, which is another way that a cookie can crumble).

I don't know, I usually don't respond to these types of posts because most of poker is in the moment and is a feel thing...gut reactio...but I just get the feeling the above is what I do.

Of course, I'm also a push monkey.

Joe (aka Unimpressed) said...

You really need more info on the MP. Is he one to continuation bet w/ two overs, has he been trying to steal a lot, etc. If he is you're probably going to want to push.