Tuesday, November 13, 2007

pre-game warmups

In preparation for the Hoy last night, I fired up a very low buy-in 1 table SNG and played my cards blind. I do this to practice situations and reactions. I just use a sticky to cover my hole cards.

I thought it was going south early, when my first move resulted was popping two limpers and BOTH of them coming over the top. Easy fold. They show AA and QQ. I had J5o. But this was the exception as things went my way from that point on.

I only look at my cards before folding or pushing all-in post flop. (I make the decision first, then peek just to make sure). One time, I decide to pop it and peek at a SET!. I felt really good going into the Hoy, as I took down first in the blind SNG.

Turns out this is a great warm-up. For an hour I never got my money in behind. Not once. But I do NOT like the turbo format, which creates a need to gamble more. ESPECIALLY when the antes start before the first break! It just does not play to my strengths. It forces much more aggressive play post-flop early.

In my case, I raise and get head up. I flop middle pair and because the other player is thinking steal, he calls with nothing more than a King high. But my middle pair is a 9, and he hits a T (he had KT) on the turn to make his very debatable call a kncok out blow. If I had Paul Phillips mystical "rose colored glasses that could read hole cards", this hand still would have knocked me out and I would have assumed the KT would fold post flop with no pair and no draw.

I go out at the first break in the hoy, despite playing perfect to that point.


Hoy put me at 20-1 to win one of these things, which was a boost to my ego. But I have yet to live up to the billing.


Mike Maloney said...

Wait, didn't I knock you out last night? Because I thought I raised up in MP/LP with KT, you re-raised in the SB with TT, leaving only about 130 chips behind, and I called because of my odds. Flop was raggy, I hit a King on the turn and sent you home.

I guess that could have been someone else, but I could have sworn that happened to you.

Mike Maloney said...

I dunno, I looked through my HH, couldn't find it anywhere, so who knows.

columbo (at eifco dot org) said...

I think your recall of the cards is correct, but I dont think you realized how big my raise was, did you? what percent of your stack was in the hand at the showdown?

Mike Maloney said...

I dunno, 25%? I seem to remember being the big stack at the table, which is why I made a loose raise like that, and I remember I was getting almost 3:1 odds to call your raise. I guess it might have been 30%, but I can't imagine it was any larger than that. I'm really annoyed that FT completely skipped that HH.