Thursday, November 01, 2007

oh, fluxuation, how I loathe thee

I have not played well this week. Not horrible mind you, but I play a SLAG style that just has been getting me into trouble this week. I open up pre-flop and play more post flop hands. Monday, I made a ton of second best hands, culminating in a flame out of extra-ordinary magnitude. Then in the Mookie, despite doubling through a real chip-thrower early and moving right into the top 3, I was unable to hit any flops for a while. That is the thing with SLAG, you have to hit some flops. Me, I was betting when it came to me, but too often had to eat-it when someone re-raised. That and I lost a 1/4 of my stack on 2 hammers. I should just folded.

Tonight, I started like that. I hit a King with a KT hand and someone re-raised me all-in. I folded. It took me an HOUR to rebuild and eventually get back to average by catching someone overplaying KJ.

As if by some weird script, the player that got me to lay down KT early makes a raise. I am in the BB and make a less than 3xBB call with K4o. I hit TP. I check, he bets pot, I come over the top and after a pause the money goes in. He turns over almost exactly what I expected (a big pair UNDER Kings), in this case TT. I got him! well, except for the two outer.

and so it goes. Mercifully, I don't have to play online again until Monday. But I will play live twice this weekend. And maybe some 1-2 at the casino next Thursday after riverchasers. If I am not incredibly angry like I am now.

Oh, and here is some advice to make the world a better place. If someone every says to you "well, no other customer has every complained about that", then punch them in the face. If there is one thing that sets me off lately, its being compared to the faceless masses.

Thankfully, I booked my hotel for the donkfest that is WPBT in December. My intention is to bring a swagger and a completely unjustified big ego to the tournament. Just to prove that I can. so there. Oh, yeah. I am going to drink alot too. Did you hear? Trader Vics is OPEN!

Enough rambling. Man the sting of that beat is hard to shake...

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