Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Zen and ABC

Had you watched me play in the Hoy last night, and not seen my laptop, you would have thought I was reading the newspaper. I relaxed in my seat, turned the pages as I perused the messages of the day. Once in a while, something would grab my attention and I would spend a few moments concentrating on the tiny words.

I got my money in good, made very few "stabs", and only danced (raced) twice.

It wasn't until we were down to 10, that I really started to worry about the meta-game.

55 holding up against two overs took me from 8th to 4th, but then AK not winning vs. a pair was my final hand. If things go differently, and I punch one more hole on my dance card, and maybe I finish 1-2.

Big shouts to DADI who took it down, coming to the final table with a majority of chips and building up to a monster by the time he had to defend heads-up. Nice run.

I know Hoy writes many, many comments on steal and re-steal, but this field was only 10 tables. I did not even consider that until there were 10 left. And then, I had not a single great opportunity. I passed on a couple of marginal ones, and that was the improvement/adjustment I made after the BIG GAME where I lost on an ATs resteal attempt (previous post), that in retrospect is hard to justify.

Nevertheless, I am please I cashed in the HOY! and finally got some BBT2 points.

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