Sunday, February 03, 2008

When its ok to play like a wuss-bag

Last night, I finished 5th in my WSOP home game league. This pretty much wraps up a seat in a $1500 event in June. In order to place 5th, I had to do the following multiple times:
  • Fold hands with equity to avoid a race for all my chipe (AK vs. pairs, AJ vs. AJ, etc)
  • Listen to people chastize me for my last OMM where I recommend folding QQ to guarantee second place.
  • Fold every hand from early position
  • Steal only when necessary
  • fold the best hand to a tilting over the top all-in which ruined a chance to eliminate a player stuck in the hand.

At one juncture, with about 14 left, I correctly identified a KOD moment, when a button all-in from a short stack (about half my stack), figured to be a small pair of Ax. I had AQ and in a larger field would have insta-called. But because my goal was 7th or better, I folded my blind and watched him flash AJ. UGH. But that is my game. I want to have some edge when I play a big pot. I hate pre-flop all-ins, especially races.

Despite my seemingly tenderfooting around, I really was only eliminated when a fake-steal with AK and a shorter stack, created a mandatory call from a large stack with 44. This is what I wanted as it was my best way to accumulate chips with the blinds at 20% of my stack. But alas, AK gets no help and I had to settle for 5th.

In cash game news, I continue to play exclusively 6maxNLHE. My results are more eratic than an EKG on a monkey trying to open a plastic banana. But I still think its my best chance for a cash in a $1500 event. Anyone disagree? I do think that the $1500 HORSE would be the most FUN event to play, but I cant fool myself into thinking that Limit-HE and Stud8 would not eventually sink me. When it comes to HORSE, I find I just plain fold to much. Not a problem in 6NLHE.

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