Sunday, February 10, 2008

How do I go on?

I am playing well today and have doubled my buy in despite getting stubborn one hand with 66 and seeing KK at the showdown. As I am reviewing the hand for mistakes, I get AA and make a raise. The limper shoves and I call to see his monumental QTs. I lose that hand and the very next hand I get JJ. This time the button shoves and I call to see his AJ. I lose that hand and just like that I am felted. Now here is my question:

I am playing well today, but I dont feel I can continue. Not because I am afraid of bad luck, but rather I dont see how I can not be tilted at this point.

Is anyone out there good enough to play past this? is so, can you explain how you manage?


MHG said...

As impossible as it seems, you just don't focus on results. You get your money in ahead with Aces, then ahead with JJ vs. AJ, you should be proud of yourself for playing good poker and making good decisions. Focusing on the results, which are out of your control, doesn't really make sense if you think about it.

Of course, if you factor in reality, you get up and steam away from the table, then come back and realize that you want those calls every time. If they don't win the hand the 20 or 30% they are due, the fishies will die out.

OhCaptain said...

meanhappyguy is right, but it is really hard. By all accounts, the only pro I've heard of that could keep going was Chip Reese. I'm not Chip. Sometimes, you just need to take a breather and let the anger pass. You want these calls, its how you make money in the long run. But variance sucks.

Sometimes when this happens to me...I go take out my frustrations on the play money tables. Pushing all in with the worst hand just to suck out on someone else. Its free, and the other people think you are an idiot, but when you get that really good suck out...karma is restored.

Jeff Cutler said...

OMIGOD, your tiny session is the same as the THREE MONTHS of games my friend Kristian had to endure.

He was the suck-out king, meaning that he could enter any pot at any stage and still lose to a suck-out.

Two true hands for example...

Three people in, Kristian, me and some other guy. I have A 3, K has 22 and the other guy has A J.

Flop is J 5 2.

The Jack guy shoves, I have him covered so I shove (for no reason other than to isolate) and Kristian with the hand wrapped up, shoves and has both of us covered.

Queen on the turn. And yes, FOUR on the river to give me a straight.

I didn't deserve that win. Kristian didn't deserve the loss. But it happens.

OK. That's only one hand, but it makes my point. You CAN get away from this if you step back for a minute or two...go take a leak, whatever, and peptalk yourself.

You got the money in with the best hand. You have no control after that. If you continue to get the money in with the best hand, you will eventually win. Keep playing and save the stories for the podcast.

Bowl of Cheese

Unknown said...

boy does this sound familiar.... we've all been there. no matter what you do you just can't seem to win.

Totally kills me when it happens and its even harder to leave the table when you know you're playing well and its only due to other people's good luck that you lose.But its definitely going to lead you to go on tilt if you stay at the table so the wise thing to do is definitely leave it for a while and come back later the same day or even better (though harder) come back tomorrow.

Keeping on pushing it and knowing you're playing well but losing is only going to drive you more nuts and could affect your game in the future so give it a rest and come back to beat the fish later.

Sound good?