Tuesday, February 05, 2008

This makes OUU look like a joke

I've been mulling over the OUU (over under under) dilema for weeks now. How do you play TT when the flop is Q63? Ok, now let's talk about our worst nightmare. Far worse than OUU.

Its TP vs. a push.

No, really.

Think about how many times players go broke in a tournament. There are two major scenarios.
  1. Player is willing to push on a draw/ play against the draw
  2. Player is caught with second best hand.

Number 1 we all know like the back of our hands. Let's skip that for now.

Number 2, however, is another matter. Take this scenario:

You're moving right along in a tournament and you have an above average stack. But the field is large and you still need to accumulate chips. You call an EP raise with AKs and watch the flop come down with an Ace. Your opponent now bets pot. You re-raise, 3x his raise. Calling this would be half his stack now. He comes over the top all-in.

So, how do you as a thinking player, deal with this situation? How many times will you go broke here if you called every time? Would you be better off folding everytime?

What is the most profitable play here?

Why is this important?!??! Listen. The WSOP is coming up. If you are going to play in a big field event, you have to expect that you are going to be in situations where you are challenged for all your chips and you have Top Pair. And you have to assume in SOME of those cases you are behind. What process are you going to go through?


SirFWALGMan said...

I was involved in the exact TT Q63 hand the other day in the 15K. While I did not go broke I lost a lot of chips by playing it badly. Look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Unknown said...

I really try not to go broke with one pair. The end. The guy has jammed off all his chips when there's no need. That tells me likes his hand. Would he do that with Q-K? I doubt it. K-K and he's frustrated? Not sure but I doubt it.

What's your M if you fold? If it's 7 or less you probably need to call...if it's above that you can find a fold and live to fight.