Thursday, February 21, 2008

I need comments here people

so it turns out that Surflexus won the Mookie last night. I played at his table most of the night and I can say that his strategy was so counter to mine, I am still trying to adsorb it. Please help me.

1. Dont be afraid to play big pots, screw controlling pot size.
2. If a player moves all-in and you have him covered, you can call with ATC.

Now surflexus has won more Mookie events than any other player, so there must be something to this. Can someone please shed some light and put this in context for me before my freaking head explodes?!


Fuel55 said...

I requires that you run good. If you cant win 70/30s like me then the strategy is pointless.

bayne_s said...

1) Fuel is full of shit he sucks out as much as anyone as 3:1 dog.

2) You must wait until after the river to trap surf. He will spew chips while dominated but you cannot let him have another card to rescue him

OhCaptain said...

He gets to the final table with sound play and then gets extremely lucky...or is in a good position to get lucky.

I've now finished 3rd to him in his last two wins. I probably shot myself in the foot once and that didn't help.

The hand he took me out on was pure luck (unluck from my perspective). A6o AKh...all in preflop. I think he even admitted to getting pretty lucky on that one.

I think the key to his success is getting to the money solid and then switch into loose aggressive. Just a theory.

SirFWALGMan said...

Surfuxus is one of the lucky blessed ones. You on the other hand must obey the laws of the universe. If you had his luck you could play like a moron and win. Alas you are stuck.

RaisingCayne said...

Surf is DEFINITELY a gambler when it comes to the Mookie, as I seem to see him every week slinging chips around a lot more than the average person. Evidently this strategy is beneficial in the Mookie, as it's hard to argue with his recent results.

Haley said...

It's the 'X' factor. Change your blog's name to Poker Wanxabe and watch the profits roll in.

-- Haley :D