Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I am not a hack!

Is it the economy? is it the frequency of events? whatever it is, I had to endure not one, but two tirades last night when I won a big pot from behind. And listen guys, calling players you play with EVERY DAY retards is not good form.

Look, I might not be Phil Helluth, but I THINK about what I do. I might not do what YOU would, but that is supposed to be ok. Isnt it?

I have $4k in chips and the avg is $5k. Let me emphasize this, my Q is less than 1 and shorty stack is less than .5 of my stack. If my Q is greater than 1 and his stack is greater than half my stack, I tend to fold here. But NEITHER is true. Now I find myself looking for the TIME button, but the lame interface doesnt have one. In the end, I figure that even though 66 is probably a simple race here, I'll take it. I DECIDED that. I do not and will not just push with 66 everyday. As a matter of fact, it is freakin rare. So, I call. And guess what? He had QQ. And guess what, I turned a 6. IT HAPPENS.

Much later on, I make a huge mistake. The blinds are high and I limp UtG with JsQs. This is a BAD play. I know this. As the the players fold I am actually talking to myself outloud, telling myself what a BAD play that was and I wish I could go back and fold. It was a bad play. The button calls. Now I make a decision. I will try to pretend I linped UtG with a monster like AA or KK. The flop comes Ten high with 2 spades! This is a good flop for me! I can represent my overpair and if I get called I have the flush draw. I make the big bet, he comes over the top and I am stuck getting over 3:1 on a 2:1 flush draw. I call and hit the flush on the river.

Was JsQs UtG a +EV play? No. But if I NEVER play non-premium hands from EP, I am predictable. Maybe that is just an excuse, but when that flop came, the value of my hand increases dramatically. If the flop was bad, I simply continue to yell at myself for being stupid and fold. That's poker. Stop yelling at me.

Dont get me wrong, I LIKE a good critique. A constructive comment that speaks to game improvement. Fuel used to rub me the wrong way, but I now really appreciate his comments for what they are worth. And if I ask a question about it, he will answer it. What more could we ask for? We are bloggers. We should be interested in helping ourselves as a collective group get better. Right?

Anyway, enough of being defensive. I took 5th last night, and I'll be the first to say that I didn't play good enough to win. Ironically, I went out when I flopped TP and he turned a set. Did I mention that "it happens"?


kurokitty said...

Nah, the entire table felt the way you did last night at the Bodonkey, that it was unfair for someone in a blogger tourney to criticize your play. It's a $10 tourney, after all.

SirFWALGMan said...


Wwonka said...

he was out of line. but its all good.
congrats on the nice finish.

Mike Maloney said...

Is it possible to agree with you but also think you're a hack? I choose that path.

Unknown said...

You suck. Face it.


I had fun playing with you last night. Look at it this way - if the El Captain had not berated you, we would not have had a lot of laughs last night.

bayne_s said...

Does hack equate to aggro-donk?

Riggstad said...

I was out before that happened becasue my AJ didnt suck out on Blinders KK...

Go figure... i guess you only get called a hack wen you actually do suck out. Regardless if the play is wrong or not :)