Monday, May 04, 2009

playing well or opportunistic

Other than my run in the previous post, I finished 3rd in my league on Saturday and sixth in the donkament on Sunday.

The Saturday tournament was interesting in that with 3 left, a solid player started tilting for no discernible reason and raised all-in 5 hands in a row. This hand I have 88 and I RAISE first to act to send a message. I am not going to play scared and back down. I have 70k and its $3k/$6k so shoving all-in every hand is not how I want to play. He shoves again, and I call with 88. He has a hand with AK and the King hits the river. Discussions digressed into a comment that was akin to "the best I could hope for was a race". I don't think that enters into it. 3 handed, I will not be pushed around by folding a pocket pair to a 6th all-in in a row. I have no need to be the table police, but with 3 left I need to establish some sort of sane foothold.

Sunday, on the bubble play was tight and you just know it was inevitable that it would be a pair of big hands. I had TPTK, he had flopped a set. Too bad for me.
Final table, WPBT points, but no monies.

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What are WPBT points?