Thursday, June 18, 2009

Highly debated hand

$300 SnG with 8left in level 2. $1500 in chips to start. I have 1550.

Limper only so I junk button call with 8s6c.

Flop is Q86 with 2 diamonds.

He bets $150 (pot). I test for Queen with min-raise. He calls.
(I believe he has a queen now.)

Turn is Td putting third diamond out. Pot is 900. He checks and I bet $300 not too afraid of 3rd diamond,but cautious.
He calls.

River is 9d. We both check. Neither has diamond but he wins hand with 1card straight.

Again, this is a SnG.

Did this get played good or bad?


Unknown said...

I like min-raises too, but only when I"m trying to get more money in the pot. I like them in Omaha in Pot-Limit game. I realize a bigger raise might commit you, but I think that's what you needed to do here, as a min-raise gives you not a lot of information when the person calls. You also allowed him to draw with your weak turn bet.
I understand why you bet that but it seems to be you weren't fully committed to the hand and you needed to decide what you wanted to do and so you were wishy-washy. Then again, you survived a bad beat and still had chips. So that's the part that's debatable.

BLAARGH! said...

I hate bottom 2 on a drawy board - I'm gonna bet enough to not give him flush odds and if he re-raises, I'm done and if he flats I'm probably done as well if the draw hits on turn. I'd guess the same amount of $$ gets in the pot in the end , but you have the added benefit of taking it down on the flop, which would be the best thing that could happen on a board like that. I know this from waaaaaay too much experience :) Min raise doesn't tell you much, as he could just as easily have flush draw and flat then check/call turn (which would probably turn into shove on river).

How'd you do in the sng after that?

matt tag said...

The turn card looks like a disaster, completing 3 draws (diamonds, 79, 9J). However, your read on the flop is important here.

Both of those straight draws were gutshots. Is this player bad enough to call a raise (even a minraise) with a gutshot and nothing else? I'll say 'no' b/c this is a $300 level tourney, but who knows. Let's discount the straight draws.

If the Qd is on the board, then he can't have BOTH a queen and a flush draw. If the Qd is NOT on the board, then he could have both, but my guess is that he would have reraised/shoved the flop.

Your read was that he had a Queen. When the Td comes, you need to charge for all of the new straight draws, and the one card flush draws, and the higher two pair if the board pairs or he hits his non-Queen card. I think you need to bet the turn STRONG here.

The river card is even more of a disaster than the turn was, your 2 pair is dogmeat.

Ok, I'm officially rambling..

Schaubs said...

I would have folded that hand preflop without question.

You could have waited... I thought you were a nit!

lj said...

hate the limp, hate the min-raise. are you in vegas right now? email would be cool to meet up for a drink.

Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Bad. What hand do you raise the flop and try to push him out with, if not bottom two on a draw-heavy board? I think you should have blown him out of the pot on the flop and taken your decent sized win with a crap hand like 86. If he calls, you are a solid leader and he draws out on you anyways but you probably feel much better about the play overall.

Fred aka TwoBlackAces said...

SNG's have been pretty much solved. Limping 86 on the button, sooted or not, is a bad/poor SNG play, ESPECIALLY if your in a $300 SNG, where typically, your going to find expert players.

Given what I know of your play, this was pretty shocking to read.

carbide said...

Not much too debate IMO, you played it poorly on each street. I'm also assuming this was @ the WSOP, if so hardly expert SNG players. Play premium hands & make them pay...if your gonna play trash & hit like this you need to make them pay as well.

Jordan said...

This would be an ok play if you were playing cash, but in a tourney, you want to protect your winning hands. I would've raised more on the flop and bet more on the turn. All that said, he may've still called you anyway.