Friday, January 05, 2007

An apple a day

How hard is it to run a doctor's office? Harder than brain surgery apparently. For example, the ability for a patient to actually meet a doctor at a predetermined time is apparently impossible.

And if the doctor works in two different offices, the office staffs are forbidden to exchange the tiniest of details. Such as who you are.

I am especially impressed by the steadfast anti-paperless-office position the offices take. Not only is everything paper, but the forms themselves have extra information to make them longer. Such as these back-to-back questions:
Date of birth?
Math is hard.

But above all is the complete lack of concern in regards to any of the above. How can the Domestic medical community hope to survive vs. Cheaper and better run looming competition?Don't believe its coming? Isn't that what Detroit said in the 70s when discussing Japanese cars? Ha.

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