Monday, January 08, 2007

This guy cant even spell P-O-K-E-R

Yes, I was dissapointed last night. I am playing in a "Poker After Dark" satellite on Full Tilt and its a 2 table winner take all NLHE tournament. I am playing perfect poker and with 8 left I am tied for 4th in chips, my M>20 and the chip leader does not have more than twice my chips (my SnG final table equivalent of "Q") so I am in great shape.

I am playing excellent pressure poker, making pot size reraises on hands I am playing to put opponents to the test.

Then some $d!fa@#%#

With 8 people left, its folded around to the button. He is a marginal player, who takes too many chances. He has gotten lucky on a couple of occasions. He button raises 3x to 300, which is just under 10% of his stack. (He has 3400 and I have 3350, the chip leader has but 4200). I have KK and I reraise him to 1300 which is over a third of half his stack. Not 5%, not 10%, but almost 40%. Now if he calls, the pot size is 2600, which POT COMMITS us. Yet he CALLS with pocket twos.

Other than flopping a set, what is his expected outcome here? I am not re-raising to 1300 on a steal of 300. I must have something. Does he think its AK? can you call 40% of your stack on ducks? Even if I did have AK, he calls 40% on a race when if I have any pair, he is a 4-1 dog?

So the flop comes without an Ace and disconnected (very KK friendly) and I push all-in. There is NO WAY he can be ahead here without a set, and he would have had to have it on the flop. So I am 7+ to 1 favorite, and I am not going to let him see a turn or river without his stack going in. Remember, this pays the top spot only and this hand puts me in the chip lead.

But he flops the duck set and in my mind, the Hellmuth scene from TV plays in my head. "This guy cant even spell poker". But in the end, its nothing more than a bad beat. I played an excellent satellite and moved in at the right time. So be it. Dissapointed though.

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Anonymous said...

So.... you get people to lay down when you don't have much, and you get people to call when you have KK.

Be careful what you wish for.

Me, I would add that fish to my "friends" list and check to see what tables he's playing at each night.