Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Nip it!

I am tilty like an old school pinball machine.

Good Idea: emulating your poker heros
Bad Idea: Using Hellmuth and Madasow

So after play the Hellmuth part all week, I pull a classic and firey crash in burn in the WWdN. I go from chip leader with 20 left to OUT 14th. HOW?

In 2-4th place I get involved defending my blind with AQs. I call what I hope is a button steal. We both check the raggedy flop and I try the steal on the turn and am reraised all in. I have Ace high and fold. Now I am 8 of 16 and still OK, but tilty.

I flop top two on an all diamond board. I push, and get TWO callers, overpair (bad call) and nut flush (easy call). The blow up is complete.

In a 3 table MTT, I play good enough to be the chip leader and blow it that badly? Man, I need to see a doctor.


mookie99 said...

Thanks for playing The Mookie last night.

Stefan Klein said...

well I did the same in the last live tournament when the sb tried to steal raise me with a5o, I set him all in with qj he called, both flopped nothing...
I was crippled after that, went out in 9th of 21. it's just a normal thing if you play aggressive,...but I was not chipleader at that time, and the guy raising me was the smallstack- maybe a completly different pair of shoes.