Friday, January 05, 2007

The Dangers of Outsourcing (Redux)

The latest in the saga was that my own bank was "trying" to call me, but could not. The reason? well, no matter how many times I TOLD them my number, they still insisted on calling the number I set up the account with TWELVE YEARS ago. A number that no longer exists.

And best of all, I seem unable to GET it changed. Hilarious.

After getting past that, we had yet another 3 way call with the bank and Bill Me Later. I was assured (mostly by the bank) that this was now resolved. But my favorite part was this comment from the nice Bill Me Later rep: "Give us up to 30 days to make the correction."
To which my heated response was "Do I get credit for the 60 days I ALREADY waited?"
She puts me on hold for a long time and when she returns says, "I escalated this to management, you only need to wait 15 days". I still cry with laugher when I remember it.

I am crossing my virtual fingers.

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