Thursday, January 18, 2007

The worst Kings

In level two, I have lost every hand so far. More accurately, folded pre-flop so often I am going crazy.

Utg limps, another limper, I see KK in cutoff and make it 3x.

Button and blinds fold, limpers call.

Flop is J72 rainbow.
1/2 pot bet
I push.
Both call?

Utg has QQ?! Wtf?
Mpos limp caller had 22

It seems SO obvious, but despite the total donkey QQ play, where did I blow it?


Loren said...

Where did you go wrong?

1. You bet to small pre-flop.
You only bet 3x after 2 limpers. That was asking to get beat. You practically forced them to call. The minimum bet at that point is 5x. I'd probably make it 6.

2. Unless you were really short stacked, you over bet the flop. A pot sized bet is more appropriate than a push. If you still get called, you know you are in trouble and slow down.

columbo (at eifco dot org) said...

#1. 100% correct. The correct bet was 5x-6x BB. I was frustrated at my lack of hands and tried to extract too much value out of KK and took on too much risk when my M was still workable.

#2. sorta. Some things to think about: how hands play differently with 3 players and your position and dont forget the limp-call, check-call with QQ from EP.