Monday, January 29, 2007

Event #1 WPBT

So, I take down a big hand by cracking Aces with A4o. Why? The player with AA give me a free card on the flop to make a gutshot with a 3. The turn is a 3 and he goes broke.

Immediately I am moved to another table and within one rotation I get my first and only AA of the night. A player comes in for about 3xBB and I pop it double + a blind for a total of 7xBB. All fold back to our player who calls with position. The flop is KJT. Dangerous? Yes. But what do I expect to be against here. I put in a pot size bet, and he goes all in. I have him covered and even if I lose, I have a slighter larger than average stack. I am 4th place right now, but taking down this hand would surely make me the chip leader.

I figure him for AK or KQ and call. He has KJ. Surprised? I was. But is that really that unlikely. His call of my challenge could be any big Ace, a pair of Queens, AQ (in which case I was totally stupid if that is in my realm of possible hands) and KQ is more likely than AK here. KQ is a very likely holding as it would be TP AND a st8 draw. As is AQ. I would call the KQ as a favorite and would pay off the perfect flop for AQ. I did not see KJ coming.

So, I soldier on, but go card dead. I actually make the bubble by out folding 3 other players (so I'll get some points). I was battling GCOX for 30th for a while. After my defeat, I went to go watch the Simpsons. Aftwardwards I check back and its down to the final 3. And one of them is GCOX!!! OMG. (Never give up, never surrender.)


I Like Cake said...

when what where is the next one? Is there a calendar somewhere?

GaryC said...

Never give up indeed. I think outfolding a good number of people is a very underrated asset.

Great tourney.


Wwonka said...

Great playing with you.


peacecorn said...

I can't believe I missed this. Damn. Now I'm going to have to play some serious catch up with the points.