Saturday, April 07, 2007

The Bad Bad day

So right after point bubbling the riverchasers, I had to transition into the worst day every. This Saturday, I had my basement flood a scant 5 minutes before in-laws came over to afternoon Easter festivities (on a saturday?), which all occurred on the DAY that my company is officially swallowed by giant bureaucratic company.


2 techs working on the interconnect bridge, 16 people on the check-in call.

SIXTEEN?! How many people need a status update that quickly?!

So then, after spending FOUR hours mopping up water... And $250 bucks for the plumber to run a 50 ft snake line under the house... And after cleaning up after a group of people who apparently like popcorn enough to carry it around, but not enough for a majority of it to actually reach their mouths…

I am going to see the MIDNIGHT FREAKING showing of GRINDHOUSE!!! I am even going to sneak beers in like a high school punk!!! And laugh as I do it!

Next week it’s off to Vegas on what the wife refers to a “business”. (She adds the quotes). A week of work by day, cards by night… (I already sent in the OMM to ante-up!)

The riverchasers implosion was so interesting that it may be a OMM, so I have decided not to post it…

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