Friday, April 13, 2007


Ceasars 11pm tournament. $70 buy in. 2500 in chips. 30 minute levels. 70-80n players. PERFECT. I buy my seat early...

The VERY first hand, some dufus raises and I call with a pair of 99. 9 out of the door and he bets off his ENTIRE 2500 to me. FIRST HAND! All I had to do was keep calling!

after the double up, gave hundreds back on back to back baby pocket pairs...
then a I make a BIG proflop raise (350) which is picked off by a rock and I am down to 4300 from 5000. But still, doing very well and feeling good.

Table starts to elicit a personality. To my left, decent player nothing special, next a regular who like to say "wow" when players call his raises. to his left, a TV type. Hat, sunglasses, stiff as a statue. But his play is VERY amateurish as he simply goes all in whenever he has a hand. Kinda funny actually. Next guy total ROCK. Next guy is a unknown still. next to him is an INVISIBLE girl. Rarely played, and when she did she was behind. And finally, to my right, the calling station who might be playing his first live tournament. I am NOT one to pick up tells, but this guy had a freaking LED sign with the strength of a given hand...

Now on with the show.

50/100 level 1 is only half over. Utg limps. TV guy raises to 500. Utg says "wow".
folds around to me with KK. I stand up to look at TV guys stack (he has 1100 more) and UtG says "and you still have to worry about me." "no, not really." Have I given enough indication of my hand strength to TV guy and Wow guy yet? I make it 1600 and wow guy reluctantly folds. TV guy INSTA-CALLS (no thought at all and everyone noticed that). with JJ. Nice call sir.

J hits set and I go from chip leader in the toutnament to like 2300.

I hit a set of 5s and get calling station to stick with me with nothing but middle pair by making value bets. 2950 end level 1 (70plus).

DESPITE being up for the level, I cant let go of the fact that I was rolling over the table, firmly extablished as table captain, and TV donk ruins it with his suckout.

Level 2

I then lost 900 when flopped flush draw and gut shot resulted in pain

Wow guy raises 3x (his standard) to $300
I am the only caller in the BB with KsJs. I know I might be dominated, but I was willing to see what flopped. Pot is $650

KhJh on a board of board Qh 9h blank
wow guy bet 400, easy call with such a strong draw. Heck I could RAISE here but I sense he hit the flop and was not going away.

turn is a blank and he bets 400 which is clearly a MISTAKE on his part. It carrys the odds over from the last bet and makes this an easy call.

a 8 non-heart on the river forces my to give up the hand, but he checks and shows the 2 pair on the flop.

2500 and back to starting stack size.

I am on the buttom and TV guy limps. I raise with KJ from the button to $600 and he just says all-in. Who does this to a me when he HAS to expect me to call? An idiot or AA, KK, QQ, AK. and all of those hands as expecially poision right now. I am forced to fold. But now I am very tilt-y.

The VERY NEXT HAND, I raise again and wow guy makes a comment. I say "have to play correctly despite being once-bitten."

This time the SB says "all in" and I look at what is now only $1600 left if a fold. I cant MENTALLY get past the fact that I would only have 1600 chips if I fold and I titl call. He Shows AA

one blind left. win a hand.
2.5 blinds left

I make a comment about pushing again. TV guy limps. Rock, raises up to 700. I call with everything (about 700). TV guy RAISES ALL in.

now, JJ is all in Vs two donks who send their entire stacks to the pot AK vs AQ. and TV guy is the AQ. well played sir. AK hits a KING ON THE RIVER and a wonderful start is flushed down the toilet to tilt and donks.

Ighn??! I had to walk the halls for 30 minutes before retiring...

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Anonymous said...

Keep remembering how you're a long-term tourney winner and that you played well.

Unfortunately, a week in vegas is excruciatingly short-term...