Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Of Kings and Queens and Guillotines

MATH at FT was visited last night by the dogs of war. 47 players. I personally saw pocket kings lose 4 out fo 5 times, and not once to AA. As a matter of records, only once to even Ax. Most of the other times it was back door trips, one card straights, etc. As I had screamed to the poker gods that Mistree Varience pwned me earlier, I was the recipient of one of those Suckouts.

I meandered through the tournament until I hit the points bubble and was about to go out when my steal raise with QTo ran into KK in the blind. I sucked out and was back to just above average. From that point on, I played solid poker again, making the final table. Despite being down almost 8 to 1 in chips, by the time the $ money bubble popped, I had closed it to 4 to 1. After what seemed an eternity, I worked my hands to chip leader with 4 left when QQ held up vs AK (of all the luck).

I tried too hard to crack a short stack and ran into his monster trap and that began my fall from grace. I bled for a while, than tried pressure. Both lost me chips and I went out as I came into the final 4, in a firey blaze.

Last nights MATH was the first of the new sactioned events for http://bloggerpokerchallenge.blogspot.com/

and those points for a 4th place finish should serve me well...


bayne_s said...

I think you got your variance blowjob.

Only critique I have of your cracking my KK is if your raise commits more than 1/2 your stack aren't you supposed to push?

columbo (at eifco dot org) said...

It has been my experience (take it for what its worth), that when you push all in with a steal raise, you are MORE likely to get called then if you make a lesser raise. I assume its the temptation to knock a player out.