Saturday, April 14, 2007

Embrace your inner donkey

Off to the MGM, where the local blooger contingency came out to host my inner donkey friday night. I was joinwd by "weak (player)", "sin city carmen", and "miami don". I especially would like to thank them for lowering themselves to 1/2 for my bankroll.

I was slowing gaining ground and was up about 50 when on a strange hand with 5s4s I flop a 4 on a very ragged board and 2 spades. I am ahead? When the river comes the 3rd spade and I check raise just 20 more for value. He seems very worried, and evantually calls... With the Q-high flush. Ouch. I was also dealt 23 seven times in one hour. ugh.

down 33 for the shortish session. Carmen, however, took about a full double up from the table...

Carmen went home, don stayed, and weak and I went to dinner. sushi at the Orleans. Great food and conversation, but weak ordered something that wasnt on the menu. Neither of us noticed until the bill came. That one item was 1/3 the bill. ouch.

we are tired, so we say "let's just play and hour at ceasars1/3 and then pack it in." Easier said then done. Friday was "give you money away to anyone with a f*cking brain in their heads" night. xomg.

Lady who pushes all in with KK after the board has an ace and 3 spades. And get called by a WORSE hand??!! nice play mame, sir.

and that was just to two players to our left!! there were two south american gents who NEVER knew where they were at in a hand. A young 20 something girl who had the basics, but would pay off any value bets. Oh, and my favorite. A limper from utg dressed like a body builder guy in hollywood. I raise from LP with two red aces (weapons of mass destruction! Drink!) to like 5xBB. He re-raises to 100 ?? 100 to win 15? Nice play sir. I actually say " I haven't played a hand in three rotations, and when I raise and you reraise me??". And I push in. He says "you got aces don't you" and I smile and say, "it doesn't really matter does it, its only 33 more". And sure enough he throws it in!! And I make 150 at a 1/3 table on the only hand I play in that 1/2 hour. Gez.

I LOVE buying in short. I stole the idea from Chris Furgeson. Buy in short and no one gets odd to draw on you AND they'll pay off your big hands because they feel like you are not a threat to their stack. Then, when you double up. You have as many chips as them AND they are all intimiated.

I did get the worst of one though. A Limper. I raise to 15 with AK. Limper calls (he did this alot). Flop is KQT and I bet 50. He reraises all in to 300. Now I can fold away 1/2 my profit or call my entire stack and see if he is bluffing. And although this guy was not good, he wasn't an idiot like the others. He could have KQ, or even AJ. AND he can't expect to get called here by anything but a giant hand. Weak puts him on a set like QQ, me two pair. I fold to fight another day. "never go broke on TPTK".

but after I cash out, we talk. He had KJ and was pushing with TP and the OESD. Hmm. ok, now I can see that. Guess I need more practice reading hands. even so, with my Ace outs cheated, i was only about 60% there.

we reluctently got up and left, all that pretty money still floating around the table.

wah wah wee wah
what a table

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Anonymous said...

Great meeting you Ray. See you again in June.