Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Live from Vegas

Interesting times at the low limit NLHE tables last night. I was at a table with about4 - 5 decent players. 2 incredibly Tight players, and these two rotating chairs. And when these players would rotate out, they would ask for a table change! "Our tables had no action", they would say. yet, I had doubled my stack through solid play. These players were looking to "felt" someone. One guy, as he left, said "its stupid waiting for a set over set hand".

Sure enough, later in the evening, some guy lost his huge stack when his bottom set lost to middle set.

BUT, that was one hand. One. The rest of the time, the action was like a final table and quite frankly I wasn't afraid to say so. "I like the competition. I dont play for the money." To me, this was a blast. Of course, I think I was better than most of them, but could I get away from bottom set?

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