Thursday, April 12, 2007

SO many ways to go broke

Select your spot to go broke:

Lost $150 playing 1-3. I did not play perfect, but never did I miss so many flops when playing tight aggr. Even with JJ, the flop would be A88 and both opponents hit.

I could not hit the side of a barn with KQ. or ANYTHING for that matter. Made so many second best hands, I felt like Bill Fillmath.

Then this gem comes up: Select you "going broke" point:

Somewhat loose but overbetting the pot player joins the game.
First raise I make in 20 hands. He re-raises like 4 times the pot. I fold KQo.

Few hands later, he make is $10 UtG.

I look down at AcKc.

Call or rasie? I have position, and a shorter stack. I expect all my money can go in here. But you could be worried. Why? Because you have not made the best hand all night.

Flop 8T6 with 2 clubs. Now you have a nut flush draw and 2 overs vs. an over aggressive player. He bets... Going broke YET?

Turn is a King. Now you have TP AND the flush draw? Gone broke yet?
I am playing this strong here... But...

The board pairs the ten on the river. He shows TT and felts me and IGHN-DQB. Argh.

On a "hoy-type" related note:

what's with the whiney bitches who complain that there is not enough money in the pots and yet they are playing 1-3? Want big pots? Go play 10-20 NL. There, big pots. Now shut the frack up.

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