Wednesday, February 13, 2008

6max NLHE observations

6-max NLHE update
ok, here are my anecdotal observations. These are debatable factoids, and your milage may vary.

1. In 6-max, you are forced into defending your blinds more... Although, I don't seem to have adjusted my criteria for defense much...

2. In 6-max, trap hands such as AJ become must-play hands.

3. Just because you are short handed, that is no excuse to play "loose". You still need to make solid decisions.

4. controlling the pot size is MORE important than in a full ring because players are more willing to "make a move" on you and if the pot size is wrong, you might make a bigger mistake than you normally would.

Comments from the 6-max gallery?

MTT news
I again finished 2nd last night in a MTT. That's back to back second places. I am the KING of second place, dog. yo. How proudly can you beat your chest saying, "I can finish second in anything you got"? But it does make me a more consistent casher, because I play to the money FIRST, then to win. But even that is not 100% true. Last night, 9 in the money, but scewed to the top 5. There are 6 left and I have AQ on the button. UtG makes a raise, and at this point could be a steal as likely as a hand. And if it is a hand, any Ace-rag is likely. So, what do I do with AQ in the situation? I fold it. Yup. I had already taken one race with AK vs. 77 and lost and I considered that my lost opportunity to race to the finish. So I went into McMighty-Tighty mode and watched the others self distruct all into the same stack of chips. At the end I was almost and 8-1 dog, but was one of the last 2 standing. This style is obviously not for everyone!

Personal news
It looks more and more likely that I am off to Austin. Who are the austin bloggers?! Shout-outs please!!


mookie99 said...

I'm in Austin (area)...when are ya' making it out here?

Poker Bully said...

I play a lot of low limit 6 max No Limit. Forget about defending your blinds. It's not worth defending when position is so much more important in No Limit.