Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Played a $5 2 table SnG at FullTilt last night and when we were down to the bubble, two of us called the short stack all in. One of the railbirds obvious sweating the "monkey" was explaining to us (me) to check it down. The turn made me the nutz (straight, no pair no flush) and I bet.

COLUMBO= NOOB they all typed. He folded to my min bet and I took the hand. Then, I went on to take rest of their money. Monkey was a very predictable player, and it hurt him and I played him like a harmonica while Mrs columbo swaeted the heads-up final. He started with a 3 to 1 chip lead, but that did not last long. He eventually got AA and slowplayed it, which let me trip my TP on the river.

Did I forget to mention the best part. At one point, I made a bad call and was left with a measly $465 chips and an M of 1 with 11 left? I short stack played them almost to the point of feeling guilty. No one understood anything above level 1 thinking and more importantly, I noticed this fact! I am learning. What is the world coming too?

Listening to the Lord Admiral poker podcast (link on right)? If not, shame on you. Plus, visit those links. There are some important blogs out there you should be reading.

Its the night before thanksgiving and the family was NOT invited to the mother in laws tomorrow. Why? Who knows, but it makes for an interesting holiday. So, I made the stuffing and bought a turkey today. How hard can it be? We go to the thanksgiving day parade each year in Detroit and this year it should be a nipple-chipping 20 degrees. Then, I get the watch the Lions thrash around the field like a fish playing every hand in the hopes of hitting something. Then, my own turkey dinner. Now that I think about it, not so bad, eh?

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