Monday, November 28, 2005

Is it getting fishy again out there?

I was tricked last night into thinking I was at a tight table. Because I did not want everyone to fold, I min raised with KK from MP. Rare, but I did it. I got a caller from LP and the BB. The flop was 556. The BB takes a stab at it and I raise. The LP pushes all-in and I was not surprised when he turned up the 5. But was it 56s? or even A5s? Nope. J5s. Hmmm, what am I to think?

First of all, sure it was "bad form" to raise it only 2xBB. But I suspect he would have called 3x also. Not sure, but there it is.

And yes, when someone goes all-in halfway through a 5 table SnG and you suspect its not a bluff.

But I think the big mistake is not profiling players. I assume everyone is playing simple-solid. Would I call a raise (even a min raise) with J5s? No, but I would not have even limped at this stage with J5s. Either I am raising for a steal or folding. And its too early to steal.

If someone will call a raise with J5s and I don't realize it, there are 1 of 2 reasons:
1. I just got moved to the table
2. I am watching football/family guy while I play.

In this case, it was both. I blame #1. But it was still a wake-up call that I need to pay attention like I do in the live games.

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