Wednesday, November 09, 2005

worst post ever

I'm sorry. Really. That 22 lousy hands post was the lamest post ever. Here is a more interesting and shorter version of it (with no redundant info).

I decided to play in a bigger money tournament after reading doubleAs advice to Pauly (?P to play in one big tournament a week. For a wannabe like me, the $20 is a big money tournament, despite my satellite into the $175 the other night.

I feel I need to do this, and this was the push I needed. So, did I fare well? No. Did I PLAY well? Well, that is what I was worried about and thus posted the entire 22 hands. I dont think so, but cant quite put my finger on it. But this morning I can. The big hand that cost me 2/3 of my chips was pair vs. pair and neither was TP. We both properly identified that the other did not have the Ace and that the oeverpair was good. His was just one better. Tragic? Yes. Poor play on my part? Well, I did not like the wimpy turn bet that I used to fake a value bet (which he bought, but called anyway because it was too small). But should I have gone all-in on the river? Probably. Because I committed my stack and its health to the pot. Sure I did not go broke, but had to play short stack and had loose callers knock me out one rotation later.

I will do this again! Viva la wannabe.

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