Saturday, November 12, 2005

Saturday's with Pauly

Finally got to play in one of these!!!

PokerStars Tournament #14328904, No Limit Hold'em
Buy-In: $10.00/$1.00
93 players
Total Prize Pool: $930.00
Tournament started - 2005/11/12 - 13:00:00 (ET)

Dear Columbo777,
You finished the tournament in 9th place.

Not bad, just made the money. Was top 3 in chips until I lost back to back races. My 66 lost to AQ (I was the aggressor) and my A6 lost to 33in the BB who must of thought I was on a steal (I was, but it was still a race).

Other than that, I played decent. Helped along the way by a couple of sets which made up for the two times my KK ran into AA.

I REALLY wanted to win, but so does everyone. At least I didn't embarrass myself. And to everyone who played, see you in Vegas baby!

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Pauly said...

Good job! Thanks for playing!!