Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Poor ROI???

Entered 3 SnGs last night. $10 NLHE 3 table, $5 NLHE 2 table short handed (6 players at a table max), and a $2 O8B. Total cost = $19

Finished JUST in the money in two of them for a return of $31. A 63% ROI.

I probably could have done better, but I was playing two at once AND had the GB/Viks game on.

Here's the thing. I have gotten good enough that since I rarely do anything stupid, I can often "simple-stupid" (see previous post) my way into the money. I usually start to pay attention at level 3 or at final table. Cavalier I know, but it was recreational. (Poor excuse). I need to concentrate on reading more. And you know what makes you work at that? O8B.

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