Friday, November 25, 2005

Mrs Columbo possibly insane

That's right. Thanks to the WPBT and her entry in the big event, she has been playing 40+ hours a week in order to not be a fish. She already played alot, but now she is up to dawn practicing online. She is already competent, but she wants to do well in front of our peers. Now I have to hope I manage to finish better her in addition to others. Just more pressure I guess!!!

I will bring some WPBT hats to sell at cost. They came out well enough, but the supplier is a flaky woman, so I only hope I get them in time. Right now, I have just the two samples.

Playing in a O8B 2 table SnG tonight instead of our monthly NLHE game. I hope to clean up but I have had troubles in the early rounds of 8OB where the entire tables plays garbage and its an Ozz-fest of chasing. In this situation, what does one do with trips, or even worse, 2 pair. I expect I will make most of my money catching players chasing 1/2 the pot (usually low). I will have to take my signature notepad with me!

Thanksgiving was a family only affair this year, then we stayed up late and watched our "my name is earl" episodes and slept in. Well, I slept in, Mrs Columbo just went to bed.

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