Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The quiet man

So last night I played in a 1 table SNG at MGM. I know right away its a donk fest. You start with only 1000 chips and 25/50 blinds, so you can't play a hand you not committed to. FIRST hand, lady raises to 200 utg and the tatoo man on the button raises all in after a look at one card. She folds AKs!!?? And surrenders 20 percent of her stack. He shows ATs.

And now its time to play our newest game show, "what's worse?"

Ok contestants, question number 1:
What's worse?
Folding AKs in that situation
SHOWING the laydown??!!

fast forward and tihs donk and his buddy have both doubled up, the latter getting his money in behind. I am card DEAD... I Now have like 550 and call from the SB with T4o in an unraised pot. I flop TP and throw my chips in. All fold. I now have 750...

meantime the blinds are now 100/200 6 handed and this comes up:

UtG raises to $600. I look down at KK. Now here's the problem. The BB (posted 200) only have 500 left. Can he fold? probably...

But I go all in with my hand, and the BB calls.

UtG: raiser AJo. (AJo and QQ were automatic all in bets at this table)
BB CALLS with J8s.

Can I blame him? I GUESS NOT, but I am dissapointed.

flop has and 8, river is a Jack and J8s triples up vs. KK and AJ and IGHN.

I just dont have the mojo...


bayne_s said...

Answer to Question 1:

Folding is worst move as there is only 4% chance you have worst hand if you were paying attention.

If rest of table was paying attention they already know that folding any hand worthy of raising UTG to one card is moronic so confirmation is only a small bonus.

columbo (at eifco dot org) said...

I think showing a clear mistake and a vast apptitude for weakness will lose you more money than a folding mistake on the first hand...