Thursday, March 05, 2009

God's will

Well, this week made me realize why religion is so popular. Its so painful sometimes to be a part of statistical mathematical variance and consider it "just the way things went". Its much easier to resign yourself to a high power's will. God wanted me to get sucked out on all week. Sounds plausible even. Yeah, I like it. How else can I explain the idea that "getting my money in ahead" is just not enough.

Well, we all know it isn't. At the same time, small ball is like Thunderdome and your Max looking for the dog whistle. If you find it, and if you are able to pick it up, and if you are able to blow it, well then you win a big pot. Otherwise you continue to bruise and bleed.

Watch out, I am so going to suckout on you. I have it coming...

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