Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spin That Broken Record!

My plans last night were canceled, so I dropped in on the Mookie. Since I have been running bad, I decided to concentrate 100% on nothing but decisions. The outcome was interesting.

I built up my chips slowly and eventually at the half way point, ran into someone's monster.

UtG raises 3x. Based on his range, there are alot of hands I can put him on. But I decide to call from the blind with KQs. The flop is J98. This is a very interesting flop in that is favors the bold I think. If I bet out here, any hand that did not improve or has few options can (and often will) get away. If I bet 3/4 of the pot, I can fold knowing I am beat if the player raises. If they call, I can bet again if a blank falls, assuming a draw. If I check here, I have resigned myself to folding already. Fortune favors the bold, so I make the bet and he shoves. Damn, I am beat.

I easily fold my nothing and he shows the SET of Jacks. What started as a 50/50, quickly turned into an "escape of die" adventure. Escaped instead of going broke, and now my Q is like .6 and I am not going to fold my way to anything. The very next hand I am in the BB with 44 and the same player raises from EP. Folds around to me and I expect it would be another race. But wait, I have enough chips for a steal or a stop-n-go! I opt for the pre-flop fold equity and shove. After tanking, he calls with AQ and it is indeed a race. By the time the river falls, he had Aces and Queens coming out of his ass.

Its hard wining tournaments without races, and its so rare to win more than your fair share of them. But in this case, I dont think I made any truly "bad" decisions. I took some risks, and paid a price. But I'll take that over folding my way to JJ-AA only.

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Snuffy said...

Slightly off but doesn't matter much. nzgreen was the first hand I believe. Last hand was me.